Bryan Versteeg of

Bryan Versteeg is a conceptual design contractor with 20 years of experience in the architectural and engineering industries. Over the past decade, he has turned his focus to the visualization of concepts in space exploration, settlement and industrialization. Bryan is the originator of the powerful visualizations that communicate the Deep Space Industries roadmap for seeking and harvesting space resources. He is also the creative mind behind all the visualizations of the Mars One mission. The images and design work from his studio are regularly featured in publications around the world in support of space exploration and settlement projects.

The "what" and the "why" of where we live

One of my most memorable and influential summers was at the age of 12. I spent days after days sitting at my dad’s drafting table drawing up elevations, plans and perspectives of homes I was designing. I’ve always loved drawing and have been fascinated with the “what” and the “why” of where we live, but that summer began a very specific direction for me.

Wherever people have lived, caves, tents, castles, the interface between themselves and their environments become uniquely evolved in response to the interaction between both the people, and their environments.

Where people live, and what will we do when we get there is what interests me.

The "how"...

Dreams become plans when you understand and are motivated to follow through on what needs to be done to realize them. The exploration of our dreams is predicated on the access of the required resources, specifically where we need them.

All of the resources we could ever require off of the planet are already off of this planet. Understanding how to utilize them and building the infrastructure necessary for this industry is a formidable and worthy challenge to myself and my colleagues at Deep Space Industries.